Ridley Bendigo Feedmill ProcessingTower

  • Value: $47M
  • Key components: Six-level processing facility. Access stairways and guardrails, steel plate flooring, gantries and weighbridge.
  • Key challenges overcome: Aggressive schedule, multiple buildings under construction concurrently, tight work area.

Commercial & industrial expertise

The $47M upgrade to the Ridley Bendigo Feedmill included a six-level processing facility with connecting stairways, guard rails, steel plate flooring, gantries and a weighbridge.

Steelwork Bendigo supplied and installed all the structural steel under a highly time-sensitive schedule.

This project involved the construction of multiple sites concurrently within a tight working space, and the Steelwork Bendigo team executed the assembly with precision.

The feedmill can leverage the technology that the new facility offers and, together with Ridley’s nutritional and raw material procurement expertise, support the growth of livestock enterprises in this region.

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