Oakleigh South Primary School

  • Value: $8.93M
  • Key components: Structural steel and metalwork package for new admin building, decks, ramps and stairways, balustrades, handrails and architectural screens.
  • Key challenges overcome: Integrating new steel structures and building extensions to old existing timber buildings in a live school environment.
School under construction

More than just structural steel

This project showcases Steelwork Bendigo’s versatility and understanding of working with the education sector. Our team was able to work within a live environment, focusing on minimising disruption to the school schedule and ensuring all health and safety measures were in place to protect the integrity of the site and the wellbeing of the school community.

More than structural steel, our team supplied the intricate metalwork solutions, including decks, ramps, stairways, balustrades, handrails and architectural screens.

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