Bendigo District Health Rehabilitation Centre

  • Value: $59.5M
  • Key components: Structural steel and secondary steel for new hydrotherapy pool and existing building refurb.
  • Key challenges overcome: Very restricted work space for pool build and limited access into upper levels of existing building for large and heavy new support beams for penetrations.


$59.5M development for rehabilitation services

The $59.5M development of the Bendigo District Rehabilitation Centre opens up outstanding opportunities for patients in the region to access world class rehabilitation services. Operated by Bendigo Health, the new centre consolidates rehabilitation services into one new location and provides a holistic approach to delivering patient-centred care.

Steelwork Bendigo played a significant role in the construction process. We delivered and installed the structural steel and secondary steel for the new hydrotherapy pool and the refurbishment of the existing infrastructure. The project was a complex installation with limited site access that required advanced planning and execution.

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