Assumption College Kilmore, Drusilla and Shandon House

  • Value: $5.6m
  • Key components: Structural steel for new animal and farm sciences building, new VCAL building, refurbishment and extension to Shandon House.
On going construction of a building

Education facilities specialist

Our extensive experience ensures we can work with tight scheduling and live site constraints when required. We thoroughly understand the stringent compliance and health and safety regulations associated with education facilities.

The key challenge here was the weather. Construction began in October 2022, coinciding with heavy flooding throughout Victoria. The site was compromised due to the amount of rain. However, the team overcame the difficulties to deliver a high-quality result.

New and refurbishment

Our expertise covers new building specifications and the refurbishment of existing infrastructure. Our in-house processing capability enables our team to prefabricate the steel and metalwork, deliver it to the site and install it.

We work with commercial and industrial requirements across standard and complex building specifications. All our steel is sourced responsibly with complete traceability and meets the highest accreditation standards for the Australian building codes.

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